Home Interior Painting

Protecting Home Interior & Furnishings While Painting

Our residential interior painters always provide superior painting while protecting your home's interior and cleanliness. We always strive to protect your furnishings and home interior with the following measures:

• Move furniture and household items away from the work area

• Cover furniture and household items with plastic to protect from dust & paint

• Tape & mask all doorknobs, hinges, & electric fixtures

• Cover flooring and rugs with drop clothes

• Clean all work areas daily; leave the home neat & clean after day's work

Thorough Surface Preparation Before Interior Painting

Expert residential interior painting requires a thorough preparation of wall & ceiling surfaces, repairing of plaster & wood, sanding and cleaning of all surfaces, and any necessary application of primer. Our pre-painting preparation services include:

• Stripping old paint or wall coverings

• Repairing holes or cracks in plaster

• Filling nail or screw holes

• Removing mold and mildew

• Caulking gaps between trim moldings and walls & ceilings

• Sanding to ensure smooth surfaces & quality finish

• Dusting and cleaning and surfaces prior to painting

Apply Primers or Stain-Blocking Primers Before Interior Painting

Our quality residential interior painting services include any necessary primer coats or stain-blocking primers to cover any unpainted wood, stain spots, and wall, ceiling, or other surfaces. We paint all surfaces with brand-name rollers and brushes to ensure optimal quality. Our primer preparation services include:

• Primer applied to natural wood, bare wood, and other unpainted surfaces

• Stain-blocking primers applied to grease, smoke, or water stains

• Oil-based or acrylic-based priming available

• Primer coat applied to wall surfaces prior to wallpapering for proper adhesion

Expert Home Interior Painting

Once all of the preparation and priming work has been completed, our experienced painting contractors will apply the finish coat and color chosen by you to your home interior.