Staircse Refinishing

Steps We Take When We Re-Finish Your Staircase

• Protect-hang plastic walls to maintain dust within working area, place rosin paper and tarps on the floor.

• Power and hand sand existing varnish and stain off staircase, We find that this is the most efficient way to assure even color stain intake to the wood work. We give the client a variety of color choices and samples to choose from. once the color has been approved we will apply onto the surface. We then spray on two coats of high traffic varnish coats, finish chosen by home owner.

• Remove spindles from railing and replace after paint or stain is applied and replaced.

• We then prime the stained areas on the walls followed by one coat of paint to match your existing color that gives your staircase area a newly and refreshed view to the overall project.

• Clean up is a very important step to the finish product. So we take extra time dusting and cleaning the working area so you the home owner will only be able to appreciate your new appearance and don't have to worry about cleaning after our crew has rejuvenated your staircase.