Wallpaper Removal

DuPage Companies can perform all your wallpaper removal needs. There are many techniques used in the wallpaper removal process.

The age, type, and location of the wall covering determine which removal technique or combination of techniques should be used. As with all of our services, we promise to only use the highest quality materials and guarantee your satisfaction. The wallpaper removal process has the potential to become more complex than you might imagine! The knowledge and expertise of our qualified professional technicians can make all the difference between an efficient and orderly process and a great big mess. DuPage Companies has the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time.

Once wallpaper is removed, the walls need to be re-textured and painted to match the rest of your home. Our professional team will remove the paper, retexture, prime, and match any existing paint to ensure a seamless look. We can remove many types of wallpaper, including coated wallpaper, paper-backed vinyl or solid sheet vinyl, foated fabric and fabric backed vinyl.

Our Wallpaper Removal Services Include:

• Removal of your light switches and electrical covers.

• We remove the wallpaper in all specified areas.

• We patch or repair any drywall areas that need attention.

• Sanding of your walls for a beautiful, smooth finish.

• We apply quality paint by Sherwin, Benjamin Moore, Porter, and more.

• When the work is complete, we do a thorough clean-up of the work area.

Our Wallpaper Removal Services

• Remove Wallpaper

• Strip Off Wallpaper

• Fix Wallpaper

• Wallpaper Painting

• Removing Replacement